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Intercept Technology™ is the most advanced packaging system invented due to its comprehensive protection, cleanliness, field performance, safety, simplicity, and design flexibility.

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Engineered Materials Inc. (EMI) is the direct licensee from Bell Labs on the Intercept Technology, and has been the leading technical force behind the technology since our inception as a company in 1983. A collaboration of forward thinking engineers led the development of the intercept technology united to form EMI to further develop, manufacture, distribute and market the various Intercept Technology related products on a global basis.

This technology has become the standard for the industry in the world of product protection. EMI is a resourceful company with a history of perfecting concepts and putting them to work to address not simple problems. Over the months you will find a number of interesting topics that are discussed within this blog. The intent is to further educate our audiences and present new and innovative insight on package protection.

Meet The Authors

Our authors are committed to helping provide insight and education to our customers and clients throughout their industrial journey. Each brings their own expertise, judgment, leadership and diversity of thought and experience -- in order to extend opportunities to everyone who can benefit from the invent of Intercept Technology™.
Engineered Materials, Inc. - Albert Greenhut


Albert is from the Chicago area. He pulls from a background of entrepreneurial companies, as well as work experience in healthcare and South Africa, to his role of logistics and sales support at EMI. He brings unique perspectives to our diverse product line of protective packaging and extensive worldwide network. He was drawn to EMI because of its focus on providing products that are environmentally friendly, designed to protect both products inside and the world around us, and because of our focus to giving back to our community. He brings fresh insights and enjoys finding and expanding connections between people and ideas.
Engineered Materials, Inc. - Keith Donaldson


Keith is one of the original founders of EMI and the original R&D engineer on the Intercept Technology. Keith has over 30 years of process and product development in companies ranging from aerospace, automotive, industrial packaging, medical packaging and electronic and cleanroom packaging. His love of the outdoors, animals and wild places drives him to develop products that are environmentally friendly as well as effective. He leads the worldwide Intercept Team with support from key leaders in Europe, Asia and Australia.


Engineered Materials, Inc. works closely with numerous organizations who contribute to improving the environment through waste reduction and an overall lower carbon footprint. Visit our friends to learn more about our quest to provide you with the best protective packaging on the planet.


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